Jaws of Life

Lieutenant Chris Gillespie and several of the firefighters performing a Jaws of Life demonstration. Ligonier, Indiana.



Stupid Feelings

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me, but I am feeling so very blessed through it all! Today, I have photos in a public exhibit here in Goshen. I’m excited, but it’s also sad day for me. None of my family or friends are going to see the exhibit, which kind of adds to my feelings of isolation.  Had a good, long cry about it this morning. We’ve lived here since February, and the only people who have been to see me are Jill and Carmela, two of my best girlfriends from Indy. It gets lonely, but i love my home here, and I feel like I’m finally putting down roots! it sucks being so far away from my family and friends, especially on days like today when I would love to be surrounded by the people who love me the most! But, last night was awesome! My bonus-brother Nick came over dinner!  he’s recently been transplanted in South Bend, and last night he came over to spend some time with me… And of course get fed! It made me feel like I have people up here, too! This evening, two of our best friends are coming over for dinner and shenanigans! It’s been an emotional few weeks, but I feel very blessed and very loved right now!
 (Photo shamelessly stolen from his Facebook page)299963_233804039999970_104598262_n